You reforest the planet

Choose one of the projects with which Print For Nature will offset the CO2 emissions of your print production without cost to you.

Trees for Tigers, India

The Tiger project is being implemented on the fringes of Similipal National Park at Jamukeshwar village range (District Mayurbhanj, State of Odisha). Similipal National Park is home to the only known habitat of the elusive melanistic, or black, tigers. Similipal is one of India’s oldest tiger reserves. Declared in 1973 under Project Tiger, it contains 2,750 sq km of forest and is prime habitat for tigers, prey species and elephants.

Trees for Tribals, India

The Adivasi Bhatra tribe relies on forests for food security and livelihood through the collection of forest produces. The project involves the planting of 100,000 highly valued native trees in various villages, with the goal to help restore forests, enhance ecosystem services and rural economy.

Ketrawe Agroforestry, Bolivia

Since year 2000, the Bolivian AMAZON RAINFOREST has lost an area greater than Denmark to agriculture & cattle fields. It is tough to stop that, but we are successfully winning ground by continuously planting trees between fields that work as thick wind shields that have the capacity to stop erosion, bring back the forest and displaced wild life, restore humidity conditions and CO2 sequestration.

Copaíba, Brazil

Bringing back the green of the Atlantic Forest! The Atlantic Forest in southeastern Brazil is one of the most endangered and biodiverse biomes in the world. Through environmental education programs, public policies, native tree seedling production and ecological restoration, Copaíba brings back the Atlantic forest!